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In an effort to do our part to stem the tide of COVID-19 and the pain that it as brought to so many all over the world, RBC of Etown has decided to suspend public gatherings for worship for now.

The Scriptural reasoning behind this is as follows.

1) Our God commands us to love our neighbor. Therefore, we will do all that we can to preserve life.

2) While we trust completely the Lord our God, we must not “tempt him” by ignoring the situation, or carrying on as usual, and potentially spreading the disease.

3) As much as we can, we are required to be blameless and above reproach, in the eyes of unbelievers. We would not be so if we carried on holding services and were seen to be spreading the disease.

4) We are to submit ourselves to the government of the land, who have requested, not as a matter of persecution, but across all sectors of business (pubs, restaurants, churches etc.) that public gatherings should be avoided.

As the hours go on it becomes increasing obvious that this is not first and foremost an issue of conscience. It is manifestly an issue of wisdom.

While we will not be meeting publicly, we will do all we can to minister the word of God through various forms of media. This Lord’s Day, and those to follow, we will be streaming services via Facebook live at 3pm. Please join us.


Our Service Times

Since we do not own our facilities, our meeting times are a bit nontraditional. 

Sunday Worship begins at 3pm 

Thursday Evening Prayer begins at 7pm

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